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Virginia Department of Health

Meet Your COVID-19 Vaccine

As questions continued to arise about the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine, the marketing firm Reingold and the Virginia Department of Health sought a video that tells some compelling facts about the vax. With our walking, talking Covid-19 vaccine vial, the charm of 2D character animation sets the record straight and encourages Virginians to “move forward and get vaccinated!” I had a great time developing the characterful, nostalgic art style for this video. I even joined in on the animation fun through clean up and by creating the cel flourishes that appear throughout the video.

Agency:   Reingold
Producer:    Mike Capbarat
Art Director:   Katie Trayte
Animation Director:   Conner Troxclair
Character Animation:   Conner Troxclair, Todd Churn, Cal Benedict
Additional Animation:    Katie Trayte, Hannah Saidiner, John Martinez, Dave Ellington

Meet Your COVID-19 Vaccine  |  Virginia Department of Health
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