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Tomo & Hariko

In Development

Tomo & Hariko is an original children's series currently in development with Double Scoop Studio. The show is inspired by the childhood of Double Scoop story artist, Eri Hashimoto, and their experiences immigrating to the United States from Japan at age seven.  It's been a blast leading development on this project and helping to shape Eri's unique, hilarious vision. I've been delighted for over a decade by Eri's powerhouse creativity and storytelling, and shepherding their concept to life has been very fulfilling. 

Studio:   Double Scoop Studio
Creator:   Eri Hashimoto
Creative Director:   Katie Trayte
Design:   Eri Hashimoto


Annecy Official Selection

Hariko's Adventures in France

Tomo & Hariko was an official selection of the 2023 Annecy International Animation Film Market (Mifa) pitches. It was an immense honor to be invited to pitch as part of the Mifa TV Series & Specials, especially since our dedicated kids media studio was only a year old.  Tomo & Hariko was one of 32 projects chosen to pitch from 651 Annecy Mifa submissions. It was also the only USA project to be selected in 2023. Having the opportunity to share this special project, and Eri's personal experiences, on a global stage was si magnifique!

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