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Just Listen Campaign

The team at NPR approached us to help create a campaign that encouraged audiences to cut through the noise and 'just listen' to flagship show, All Things Considered

We moved full steam ahead with a train concept that steered our audience through an onslaught of notifications toward the light of thoughtfully curated content. In the final calm and serene landscape, audiences can identify with our large cast of cabinmates. Each shot seeks to capture a small moment of life unfolding as characters go about their business while listening to All Things Considered. Keep an eye out while watching for all the ways the characters tune in!

Co-Director & Art Director:   Katie Trayte
Co-Director & Animation Director:   Conner Troxclair
Producer:   Aliyah Oestreicher
Music & Sound:   Joe Basile

NPR | All Things Considered
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Visual Development

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